The Idea

The Greek heart represents friendlyness , hospitality and contribution . Created and based on those attributes, MyGreekHeart is a fresh initiative, allowing Greek companies to advertise for free via a worldwide network of affiliates who demonstrate their willingness to support Greek economy. Those affiliates (or hosts), literally host the "MyGreekHeart" banner placement on their website or blog. They do it on a volunteering base (for free). MyGreekHeart banner placement randomly displays banners of Greek companies registered through our website. Hopefully, new business opportunities will evolve out of this international exposure. The process is simple and safe but most of all it's free for all! Register now and share the idea with your friends.

Join Us

For hosts and supporters:


The supporters of our initiative own a website or a blog and are willing to provide volunteering leverage to Greek companies in their effort for international exposure. Our hosts (supporters) become members of "MyGreekHeart" affiliate network at no cost, simply by accepting the placement of MyGreekHeart banner holder on their website or blog. The process is simple and safe and takes only a few minutes.

For Greek companies:


Register your company for free and get worldwide exposure on MyGreekHeart banner placement through our worldwide affiliate network. Get intiernational exposure and be provided the opportunity to attract new customers and potential partners. It's free and it only takes a few minutes.

Greek companies internationally advertise their business for free through our network of volunteering affiliates.

Web site and blog owners can easily demonstrate their volunteering support for Greece and Greek companies. | Volunteering Initiative supporting Greek businesses Terms & Conditions

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